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Topics of Debarim: Bible & Religions Research Center

First wisdom

First bible wisdom
The sign of the three days and three nights
The Gospel of Yeshua
Ten postulates of Christian faith
Themes for beginners in faith
Open letter to all visitors
New borned in the Kingdom of Heaven
The Son of God, and the sons of God
Why do we sin?
It is not lawfull to pray to Jesus
Reflections about the gospel

Criticism toward majority Christianity

True gospel and false gospels
The truth about Papacy
They fell away from the faith centuries ago: Apostasy
Refuting the secret rapture
The catholic church is the great prostitute
Holy Trinity is not God
Refuting the doctrine of eternal suffering
About the hell
About the cult to Virgin Mary
Trinitarian blasphemy in Hebrews 1:8
Letter to all catholics
Letter to all protestants
Letter to all adventists
Catholic church was not the first
Six false doctrines in Christianity
False doctrine of immortality of the soul 
False gospel of the official christianity
False catholic purgatory
Why a jew can refuse toward Christ?
False gospel of evangelicals
False trinitarian formula
Catholic mass is not the Lord's supper of pesach

YHWH GOD and several concepts

The only true God
The Holy Name of YHWH
Salvation of YHWH
Sacred worship or Cult is only for the Heavenly Father
What is prayer according Torah
Biblical monotheism
Which is God's Temple?
YHWH, Yeshua, Israel, and Nations
Meaning of YHWH EJAD (one)
False forms Yahweh & Jehovah

About Jesus Christ (Yeshua haMashiach)

Joseph was the biological father of Yeshua
Is Jesus a false name?
Yeshua did not come to abolish or disobey the law
Jesus Christ is a man: In search of the true christology
Yeshua suffered on wednesday
The false gospel of the deity of Christ
Differences between Catholic and evangelical Jesus and biblical Jesus
What does it mean that Jesus is the Son of God?
The pre-eminence of the human race in creation
The two genealogies of Jesus
The Yeshua's Religion
Dialogue with a "Jesus is God" believer
When really was Yeshua born?
The doctrine understood in this era as Arianism
The transfiguration of Yeshua in the mount
The controversial passage of John 10:33 - Yeshua/Jesus is a god
For whom did Yeshua die?

Torah or Law of Moses

Holy Fests of YHWH
Is there law? We are no longer under the law, but laws remain... And thousands!
The tithe
What is judaize?
Not Under The Law
Shabat is not sunday
The true baptism

Advances in Genetic Crumble myths regarding Ephraim
In the Beginning
Messianics, Nazarenes, and Law or Torah
Occidental codes are not based on ten commandments
Analogy in relation of being or not under the Moshe's Torah
Torah does not prohibit blood donation
Marriage in torah
Who is Jew and what is judaism?
Yeshua and Law or Torah
Legal and illegal vs. good and evil
Analyzing Exodus 4:24 - YHWH requires of Moses
Torah and right to land
Torah and Nations


Who does interpret Scriptures?
E-Sword: Tool of studying Scriptures
Link to download ISA BASIC: Tool of studying Scriptures
Biblical interpretation rule
Truth is important
The book of Enoch
What year is it?
Comments about detractions to Tanak (OT)
Correct translation of Titus 2:13 and others
Correct form of John 1:1
Yeshua will see him in paradise


Seventy weeks of Daniel prophecy
The four horsemen of the Revelations
Why do you tolerate Jezebel?
The restoration of Israel and the new earth
The prophetic discourse of Yeshua in Matthew 25
Who are nicolaitans?
Yeshua haMashiach manifestation (parousia)
Beast manifestation
2,300 evenings and mornings prophecy
False prophets can make true miracles
Revelation 12 Analysis: The woman and the dragon
Prophecy of Jesus about illegalists regarding Torah

Others Topics

Quotations in Hebrew & English
Satan and evil
Important clarification about the misnamed Star of David
The New World Order
Comparing the true religion with false religion
The antichrist
The synagogue of satan 
The Church follows being Israel 
The pagan doctrine of theogamy
Three sins of man: The temptation of Yeshua
Where does bible say beast is THE antichrist?!

The Satan's Conspiracy
Relevance of Middle East for humanity
Gay marriage
Biblical festivities, messianic fulfillment, gifts of the holy spirit, development of the human fetus, and the universe
The true fall of Satan's allied angels
Israel in exile and Adolf Hitler

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