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Purpose of Debarim
Biblical & Religions Research Center

As part of the study of the Scriptures, we warn that the two called monotheistic religions, Christianity and Judaism, have inculturation of paganism, and manmade doctrines; please understand this as establishing practices that are not consistent with the above scriptures, which they say to believe.

This is especially in the Christian religion, which has changed the foundation of the faith, that is, there is one true God: YHWH (Dt. 6:4; Isa. 43:10; Jn. 17:3), putting as foundation the so-called: Holy Trinity; changing Creator's fests, the times of the law, such as the Sunday instead of the Sabbath (Saturday), Easter in the pagan calendar, rather than the Jewish; and so many false doctrines imposed over the correct ones, as well as Christmas, all these are from pagan worship. Judaism, meanwhile, has also commandments of men which are not consistent with the Torah (Law of Moses).

I take this opportunity to mention that during my stay in the various Christian denominations, I was taught that the Jews had rejected the Lord, then I surprised when corroborate that was not entirely true, as we see today Messianic Jews. They continue and must continue to be Jews, incorporating only the testimony of Yeshua (Jesus).

Therefore, the service is aimed at both: Jews and non-Jews, or people of the nations that are not physical Israel, so to invite you to check all their doctrinal foundations towards improving according to the will of God revealed in His Scriptures. So, this will serve to study them, and also compare the teachings of these religions, whatever the names of the denominations, so to analyze everything and retain what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:21).


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